The Christian Connector, Inc. Privacy Policy

The Christian Connector, Inc. is committed to the privacy of those using our information services. Those completing any of our information request forms will have their information provided to The Christian Connector, Inc. and to the school(s) from which they request information. They will also be placed on the appropriate mailing lists, email lists and text list (if specifically requested) for Faith Based/Christian college related mailings, emails and texts if they have requested information from Christian colleges, universities, Bible colleges, and/or requested information regarding specific Faith Based/Christian colleges. Therefore, those requesting information from Faith Based/Christian colleges and related organizations will have their information sold to Faith Based/Christian colleges and related organizations. The Christian Connector, Inc. does not release or share names or personal information for use under any circumstances to any organization, company or group that does not meet the criteria outlined above.
You have the right at any point to NOT have your personal information shared. If you would like to NOT have your personal information shared, please click here to indicate that request.
In order to have your personal information "forgotten", please click here and enter your email address in the form.
The Christian Connector, Inc. collects and uses your personal information and data provided when you complete any of our information request forms and/or request information of any kind. The categories of personal information we collect are: personal contact information (name, address, email, phone), high school/college information, plans regarding college/Christian college, school academic information and test scores, type of information of interest/requesting, gender/ethnicity, parent information (name, email, relationship).
The personal information you provide may include: First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Email Address, Mobile Phone number (if texts/calls were approved), High School graduation year, major(s) of interest, denominational background, gender, ethnic background, High School and/or College Grade Point Average, high school type, high school name, CEEB Code, SAT, ACT, student type (first time college student, transfer student, or other), college enrollment semester, date of birth, area of the country of interest to attend college, type of information requested, if considering or planning to attend a Christian college, Parent/Guardian First Name, Parent/Guardian Last Name, Parent/Guardian Email Address, Parent/Guardian Relationship.
The purpose of collecting this information is to fulfil your request(s) for Faith Based/Christian college, university and/or Bible college information, providing Faith Based/Christian college related information and/or to fulfill requests for information made for specific Faith Based/Christian college, universities and/or Bible colleges. The Christian Connector, Inc. will not hold onto your data longer than necessary and will archive and then ultimately delete your personal information.
When you visit our website, we automatically collect the way you came to or found our website/information request forms. The reason for this is to determine internally how our efforts for marketing are performing. In a similar way we use Google Analytics and other possible ways to "track" how individuals access our site and information request forms to determine the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. We also track the emails (delivered, opened, click throughs, etc.) that are sent by The Christian Connector, Inc. in order to determine the effectiveness of those emails.
You have the right to request the specific pieces of information The Christian Connector, Inc. has collected about you. If you would like to request a copy of the personal information we have for you, please click here.
Our website address is: Faith and you may make the request for your personal information on the privacy policy page of our website, or you may contact us at 800-667-0600 to request your personal information we have collected. Finally, you may also email us and request your personal information here:
In the event of a "data breach", The Christian Connector, Inc. will move quickly to investigate and resolve any data breach.
Any individual may request that their name, email, and all personal information be removed or modified from our database anytime they wish and that request will be quickly honored. To make such a request, click here.
The Christian Connector, Inc. reserves the right to update or modify this privacy policy as needed.